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Kaiser 9-Inch La Forme Plus Round Springform Pan

Kaiser 9-Inch La Forme Plus Round Springform Pan

Kaiser 9-Inch La Forme Plus Round Springform Pan
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Gather your cake supplies and make your favorite dessert in this special Kaiser 9-Inch Noblesse Round Springform Pan.  The Kairamic non-stick coating and leak proof design provide wonderful results when you whip up your recipe using this baking pan.  No need to flour the surface. This magnum coating creates a smooth crumb crust, resists being affected by acidic or citrus foods, and permits easy removal when lightly coated with butter or oil.  Be sure to shorten your baking time by about 10% when comparing baking times to tin plated springform pans.  The closure ring can be used from either side so is easy to use with your right or left hand.  If you are looking for a top-notch springform pan, this one is just the thing!

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Kaiser 9-inch La Forme Plus Round Springform Pan
Kairamic non stick coating
Baking time is shortened by about 10%
Features Benefits
Leak-proof design Prevents dripping from pan bottom which may burn and char on oven floor.
Kairamic nonstick coating Eliminates need for flouring inside pan surfaces.
Magnum coating Is resistant to acidic and citrus foods
Easy release of food When interior surface is lightly buttered or oiled.
Springform ring Can be used from either side of the baking pan.
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